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Jamie McCartney donates a signed Great Wall of Vagina photo to Brighton sexual health clinic



Asymmetric labia are extremely common. Nobody is actually bilaterally symmetrical in any aspect. If you look carefully you’ll notice most people have asymmetric features; one ear higher or further back than the other; eyes at different heights; teeth unbalanced; crooked smiles; one breast larger than the other; one testicle larger or lower than the other.

We’re all wonky! Our differences are what make us interesting. The anxiety we carry about needing to be perfect is harmful. Where does it come from? Only cyborgs, robots and AIs are perfectly symmetrical. The rest of us are just human!


Identical Twins

Curiosity may have killed the cat but not the pussy! Humans are curious by nature. It’s perfectly normal to wonder about what other people are like. In fact it’s the main driver for why we read, look at photos and browse social media al day!

To satisfy that natural, human curiosity we present a gallery of identical twins’ vulvae. Because let’s face it – who doesn’t want to know… 🙂


Pubic Hair

Over the years some people have complained that all the vulvas in The Great Wall are shaved. This is not correct. Many of the casts show pubic hair. It’s just that pubes cannot easily be cast. The risk is the material gets trapped in them, which would be uncomfortable for the model and destroy the mould! So it was necessary to smooth down the pubic hair to make it flat before casting. This is why it is not so noticeable in the casts.

The purpose of the sculpture was to demonstrate labia variety more than anything and pubic hair tends to obscure labia. In fact it does make it more difficult to cast labia effectively and you’ll see many of the casts with pubes are not as detailed. So generally we recommended that if people didn’t mind it was better to arrive shaved or closely trimmed in order to achieve the best casting. That said almost everybody said that shaving was their normal practice.

Believe it or not pubic hair is natural! So rare these days but for most of human history it’s been a thing…

Scientists debate on its function…



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