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Dr Doris Hexsel - MAP conference São Paulo, Brazil

October 2022. MAP is an annual medical event created by Galderma, usually reaching an audience of around 10.000 physicians. This year took place in a former football stadium called “Pacaembu stadium”, an Art Deco building in São Paulo, Brazil. One thousand and fifty physicians were in the Pacaembu stadium last weekend and around 9.000 other physicians watched the meeting online. The aim of this edition of the meeting was to connect medicine to art, the slogan was “Our science, your art”.

Dóris Hexsel’s presentation was on the assessment of external female genitalia, with focus in the labia majora. She chose to highlight The Great Wall of Vagina Vulva!. “Besides showing the diversity and beauty of normal and after interventions, the Great Wall of Vulva is an outstanding art that can be considered also a tool for physicians. With incredible realism the art is very precise showing the different clinical features of female external genitalia.”

Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists

In December 2015 we were invited to RCOG to exhibit during their conference. We brought photos and a replica panel of The Great Wall of Vagina Vulva! which we use for events. We also brought copies of the book which sold out immediately!

We were delighted to have been recognised by this prestigious institution as having an important contribution to make to gyneacological education.

Shijiazhuang China Conference

The display at Shijiazhuang China Conference.

The Great Wall of Vagina in a slideshow at the Latin American Congress of Vulvovaginal Diseases

Latin American Congress of Vulvovaginal Diseases

In October 2016 we were asked to provide images for a talk at the Latin American Congress of Vulvovaginal Diseases at a session against aesthetic vulvovaginal surgery.

The purpose of this artwork is to educate about normal vulvar appearance to discourage unnecessary cosmetic labial surgeries such as labiaplasties. So of course we were delighted to contribute.

University of Edinburgh

16 February 2017 Carol Richardson presented a History of Art lecture at the University of Edinburgh. Here she is seen discussing Jamie McCartney’s Great Wall of Vagina Vulva! as part of a research paper on Bernini.

vulva award winners

Vulva Award

In 2011 we were asked to create an award for excellence in gynaecological education.

Dr Arucha Ekeow-Anderson

Arucha Ekeow-Anderson is dermatologist specialising in Vulval Dermatology. We provided images for her to use at presentations to health care professionals. Here she is presenting a Women’s Health GP Masterclass at Spire London East – a private hospital and at another educational event for doctors.

“Thankyou for your work. It is very helpful for many people. Would it be possible at all to use an image of the wonderful Great Wall of Vagina in a slide for a teaching presentation?” Dr Arucha Ekeowa-Anderson”


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