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Vulva Casts

We are currently creating several more artworks made from casts of genitals for museum and gallery exhibitions around the world. Some of these will be similar to The Great Wall of Vagina Vulva! but other panels will be more specific in theme.

VIVA LA VULVA – Similar to The Great Wall of Vagina Vulva! and created to mark its 10th Anniversary. This multi-panelled vulva diversity artwork will feature hundreds more women.

MONDCIVITANO – will celebrate the women of the world. We are seeking one volunteer from each country to be cast. If you are from overseas and are visiting or you live here, then come and get involved.

AMERICAN PIE – Due to the great number of American women who get in touch but are disappointed to discover that USA has already been cast for the above project we have decided to cast a woman from every state in the union as well. Your Country Needs YOU!! If you are visiting the UK definitely get in touch but we also have a studio in Fort Lauderdale that we visit regularly.


Pubic Scans

One of Jamie’s other methods of recording the body is a form of photography using an adapted document scanner. He is using this method to document the pubic area showing tattoos, pubic hair and skin colour which is not possible to record via casting.

Known an scanner photography or scanography this method produces very high resolution images of the skin’s surface which look completely different to conventional photography. This is important because artistic photographs of genitals rarely escape their similarity to pornography, no matter how superficial. This is why Jamie made The Great Wall of Vagina Vulva! with casts not photographs. It was super difficult compared with just clicking a shutter but the results can be seen by all, where photographs may not be appropriate.

The scanography images also avoid looking similar to pornography, The etherial soft focus edges and the darkness between the legs means details of the labia are lost, focussing instead on the pubic mound.There are so many vulva shapes and sizes and colours. There are different hairstyles, piercings and tattoos too! It’s impossible to cast hair well and tattoos and skin colour don’t translate in the casts. These scans are pehrpas an even more useful resource to show vulva diversity and virtually the opposite to The Great Wall of Vagina.


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