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Jamie McCartney talks to a group of visitors to The Great Wall of Vagina at the very first show


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" Max Sellen, Student, United Kingdom

I must say that as a 16 year old student that didn't have much sexual education as a child, I've always been really interested in sexual anatomy. Growing up with ideology of how a vagina should look from pornography, I'd always found mine to be unattractive and I had hated it. After seeing all the photos of all vaginas in different shapes and sizes, I feel happy and beautiful. I always knew my vagina was normal but I wasnt happy with how it looked. I finally feel at peace with how I look and i know that finding this peace at a young age will massively help me when I'm older. Thank you.

" Jana Grell, , Germany

Als ich ein Teenager war sah meine Mutter zufaellig meine Vulva und erschrak, weil eine meiner kleinen Schamlipen laenger als die andere war und hervorlugte. Sie hatte ja nur den Vergleich mit ihrer eigenen. Ab da dachte ich, dass das haesslich oder nicht normal sei. Ich sucht Bilder was normal sei, aber fand nichts. Schliesslich fragte ich meine Frauenaerztin, ob meine Schamlippen normal seien. Meine Aerztin reagierte sehr gut und beruhigte mich, dass Sie schon so viele Frauen gesehen hat und jede sei einzigartig und sehe anders aus und ich sei voellig normal. Das beruhigte mich damals zwar aber ich konnte mich da unten trotzdem nicht schoen finden. Als dann spaeter dieses Porno Trend Schoenheitsideal aufkam, dachte ich wieder, so muesste das aussehen, bis ich begriff, dass keine normale Frau so aussieht und das meist operiert ist. Ich musste 52 Jahre alt werden, um meine Vulva endlich als einzigartig und schoen zu finden. Ich finde Ihre Arbeit und alle teilnehmenden Frauen mutig und wunderschoen. Ich wuenschte, dass es sie schon gegeben haette, als ich 18 war. Ich haette damals schon wissen koennen, das mein Koerper schoen und meine Vulva einzigartig ist. Ich mich nicht schaemen muss. Allen jungen Maedchen, die unsicher sind, sollte man diese wunderschoenen Bilder zeigen, dann koennen sie es ganz einfach verstehen und ihren Selbstwert schaetzen. Jungen finden ihren Penis schoen, egal wie klein, krumm, lang, dick er ist. Hier muss endlich dieses schambesetzte Tabu aufgehoben werden. Viele Maedchen und Frauen wissen gar nicht, wie sie da unten aussehen. Das echte Leben ist nun mal kein Pornofilm und wenn ihr erster Freund sagt, dass sie da komisch aussehen ist ihr Selbstwert beschaedigt. Ich danke Ihnen fuer dieses mutige Werk und bin mir sicher, dass es so unzaehligen,vielen immer noch unsicheren Maedchen und Frauen helfen wird, ihren Koerper als schoen anzunehmen. Vielen Dank dafuer!

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: When I was a teenager my mother happened to see my vulva and was startled because one of my labia minora was longer than the other and was sticking out. She only had the comparison with her own. From then on I thought it was ugly or not normal. I looked for pictures of what is normal, but found nothing. Finally I asked my gynaecologist if my labia were normal. My doctor was very responsive and reassured me that she has seen so many women and each one is unique and looks different and I am completely normal. That calmed me down at the time, but I still couldn't find myself beautiful down there. Later, when this porn trend of beauty ideals came up, I thought again, that's how it should look like, until I realised that no normal woman looks like that and that it's usually operated on. I had to turn 52 to finally find my vulva unique and beautiful. I find your work and all the participating women brave and beautiful. I wish they were around when I was 18. I could have known then that my body is beautiful and my vulva is unique. I don't have to be ashamed. All young girls who are insecure should be shown these beautiful pictures, then they can easily understand and appreciate their self-worth. Boys find their penises beautiful, no matter how small, crooked, long or thick it is. This shameful taboo must finally be lifted here. A lot of girls and women don't even know what they look like down there. Real life isn't a porn movie and when her first boyfriend says it makes her look weird, her self-esteem is damaged. Thank you for this courageous work and I am sure that it will help countless, many still insecure girls and women to accept their bodies as beautiful. Thanks a lot for this!

" Gina Savo, Teacher-1st Grade, United States

This is truly marvellous. After having a 9lb 2 oz baby I have been obsessed with thoughts of how that changed me as a woman 4 years ago, psychologically, emotionally but even more so physically pertaining to my entire vaginal area. I feel like I haven’t received honesty from men when I’ve discussed general childbirth changes of the vagina with them, and I desperately wonder what’s been on the mind of any lovers I've had since the birth of my son. Can they tell? Did they see the scar? Am I still irresistible even after the trauma my body endured via vaginal human transport? We all have a biological need & right to feel appreciated, respected, even desired sexually, and especially after the life we’ve lived exists an infinite bible of stories each individual can tell but often never do in this avenue! The pain & pleasure & confusion… its like a smack in the face to me now, we cannot fully exist without acknowledging the truths & realities & mere existence that come from our tunnels of life and love. Lately I find myself even more enthralled by this entire part of humanity—our uniquenesses, those of our most “private parts” as they say in America, are just not celebrated enough nor are they respected enough in all their glory. For all the reasons & all the diversity, I’m so proud people like you exist. You’re a true ambassador, representing our very channels of existence in their most tangible & honest forms, exposing a part of the human condition we all share but are often afraid to even admit! Through this incredible art & within these incredible experiences, you’re forcing every observer, witness or participant to connect even in complete silence. It’s heavy & joyful, and completely rad

" Christina Blos, registered nurse, Germany

Dear Jamie, I am really quite impressed by the special and delicate topic you have chosen to work on. The fact that a male artist is supporting woman in this matter feels touching. Thank you for investing your energy into this! I had ordered postcards of the "Wall" a while ago. Amazing how powerful they are! Your art is truly liberating. I still hope to see a real exhibition one day! Wishing you all the best, dear Jamie! Thank you for making a difference!

" Sabine Meulenbeld, Sex Education, Netherlands

As a sex educator I have been referring to the great wall of vagina's for many years with great delight. I encourage teachers and social workers to talk about pleasure and provide their pupils with diverse material to increase knowledge about vulva anatomy. There is evidence that this increases genital self worth which is key in developing sexual autonomy. And sexual autonomy in it’s turn provides protection against sexual transgression. Each vulva displaced on the wall contributes to my goal: Reduce transgression by enhancing (knowledge about) pleasure. Thank you Jamie :-)

" kiran naik, plastic surgeon, India

compliments on a wonderful and thoughtful work of art.

" chris anthony, Consultant , United States

Thank you, Jamie for your body of work.

" Emily, United Kingdom

A friend took me to see the Great Wall of vagina in 2012. I didn’t think that deeply about it at the time (beyond a prudish ‘oh, I don’t know where to look!’), but stashed it somewhere at the back of the memory bank. Many years later, when I had my first child, I had quite a significant birth injury and the wall suddenly came back to me. I was reassured by the massive variety, and took a strange sense of comfort in thinking that I’d now be able to recognise myself if I was one of the casts. I look at it now and wonder about the 400 stories behind the 400 people who chose to take part. Thank you Jamie for such a powerful work of art.

" Irene, Birthcoach, Germany

Aloha! Thank you so much for your incredible piece of art! My dear friend cried tears of joy over your book and the dedication on page 1 <3 Her whole life is about women being seen and that's what you support with the great wall of vagina!

" Alessandra, Italy

Thank you Jamie for your art and your kindness :) The mini vagina panel I ordered online is marvellous, and your project is brilliant. It’s been a true pleasure to gift myself something so beautiful that can make change happen. To use your talent and your art to do something that matters for many: this is precious, and this is ART on so many levels. Thank you!

" Yuqi, China

THANK YOU for the artwork! It is absolutely beautiful and spectacular. It shocked me, and, what a relief! Since I saw part of mine in teen, fair came to me, and no further discovery was made about my vulva. After boyfriend sensed my anxiety, he showed me this wall. Now I finally realized that the shapes could be so diverse yet beautiful! I am able to appreciate my body even better.

" Janine, Germany

Thank you so much for this project. a few months ago I had to go to hospital for a routine check up. the doctor offered me a labia correction. from this day on I got so insecure. feeling not normal and even ugly. your project showed me there's beauty in so many ways.

" Naomi Peachey, United Kingdom

Your wall of vaginas literally changed my life... I was going to have labia surgery, convinced my labia were too long, had boyfriends comment that they were uneven... Even with all the risks, I was still going to do it, thought my pussy was supposed to look neat and tidy... I cried when I saw your artwork for the first time in Brighton, then and there, my insecurities were blown apart. Needless to say, I did not have the surgery! All your work is powerful, beautiful, raw, real, erotic and so much more that I don't have words for!

" Johanna Dehnelt, School, Germany

Hii Jamie!! Your art is INCREDIBLE! Your words in the videos and interviews inspire me so so much and your work is simply what I needed. I wanna thank you so much for bringing this into the world! Thank you Jamie!! Sending lots of love to u!

" Maria Silva, Professora Yoga , Portugal

Estou absolutamente encantada com este trabalho! Descobri o projeto através do livro "Pelvic Liberation" de Leslie Howard e acredito que é essencial falarmos cada vez mais do nosso corpo. Grata pela coragem, primazia e entrega!

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: I am absolutely delighted with this work! I discovered the project through the book "Pelvic Liberation" by Leslie Howard and I believe that it is essential to talk more and more about our body. Grateful for courage, primacy and commitment!

" Cathy Gravelle, United Kingdom

I found this page through Mumsnet forum. It’s so easy to believe that somehow your vulva is “different”. This project simply reveals that we all are different and that is not only to be expected but to be respected. Thank you for carrying out this project. It really is a great service to women everywhere.

" Karen, Canada

Whoa! Now I’m curious as to how mine really look like. Haven’t really checked it out in detail in all my 50 years cause there’s one thing I know for sure - men don’t give a hoot what your vulva looks like, unless they’re gay and even then. And those supposedly ‘slit’ vulvas were/are a thing? Was surprised to learn of this. I always thought they looked less sexually appealing. Thank you so much for this AMAZING art installation!!!

" Kimberly, production worker, United States

Thank you for this beautiful display of vulvae. I didn’t know mine looked normal until I saw this. I’ve been made to feel like my vulva and vagina was broken and gross because there are no pictures of normal vaginas online. Only ones that are perfect or ones that “need surgery”. I can love my vagina now and know that it doesn’t matter what it looks like they all pretty much look the same. Wrinkled and weird, with droopy lips covering the hole. Thank you again!

" De la Torre Ana, Administrativa jubilada , Spain

He descubierto con mi última pareja, un hombre algo mayor que yo, él 66 y yo 61,que la vulva, los labios, en definitiva el sexo de la mujer, es bello de mirar... yo siempre creí que era algo feo. Ahora después de ver este trabajo tan divertido, me doy cuenta lo equivocada que estaba!!!

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: I have discovered with my last partner, a man somewhat older than me, he is 66 and I am 61, that the vulva, the lips, in short, the woman's sex, is beautiful to look at... I always thought it was something ugly. Now after seeing this fun job, I realize how wrong I was!!!

" Ruzanna Orduyan, Armenia

Thank you for your authentic, empowering and meaningful artworks. The time will prove the real value of your works because so far they have been underrated.

" Deanna Elio, United Kingdom

I love this. My only wish is that we called things what they really are, by replacing 'vagina' with the word 'vulva' to clear up further misconceptions. Overall though, this is a gorgeous work and I'm sharing it with anyone who will look!

" Hannah, Estonia

I am incredibly greatful to whoever did this. You just made me cry in the middle of the night in my bed. I think i'll come back to this whenever i'm feeling insecure. Thank you so much! Please ceep going, way more people (girls!) need to see this!

" Stephen D, United Kingdom

I’m so impressed at this work. It’s strange to view all these beautiful vaginas without it being sexual, but it’s more than that. So may girls are shy, self conscious and embarrassed to have a normal and beautiful vagina. They are wanting to emulate the porn star pussy which is more a slit without any character. Now I feel mean saying this as a girl born within a porn star pussy still has a beautiful vagina. It’s just that everyone should embrace their own beauty. I’m not an expert but I’m sure that men’s penises are just as different but neither males or females are criticizing them for being different. It might be small it might be huge but it’s a penis, why girls can’t have the same attitude to their own bits saddens me. I have a beautiful partner with a beautiful vagina who is embarrassed and hates her vagina. This makes me so so sad as it’s beautiful, it’s hers, its unique and it’s exquisite. Come on girls embarrass your difference, it’s that which makes you beautiful.

" Laysa Mação Miranda, Student, Brazil

Your work is wonderful. It shows the world that vulvas aren't only like those we see on movies and those kind of things. Congratulations!

" Lily Rose, United Kingdom

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been trying to find pictures of vulvas that resemble mine, with both long outer and inner labia, several times, but only found it here! :)
Lily Rose, United Kingdom

" Tom Haines, Retired (I have a BFA in art from ECUs,NC, 1974), United States

First, congratulations on having the #1 work of art with the vulva as the subject, in the entire history of art. And, you had some major competition; going up against Gustave Courbet.”The Origin of the World.” and...ahhh... errr...hmmm...ahhh, that’s about it, up to and including mainstream film and cable TV. The penis may be filmed, up close, well lit, for an extended period of time, semi-erect, and now, fully erect. Actors equity has give the go ahead for showing a full erection in off-Broadway plays. The vulva, on the other hand has hand one mild exposure with Rasario Dawson in "Trance", unless you want to count the 1/4 second of Sharon Stone’s vulva line, from a distance, in heavy shadow in “Basic Instinct.” Wow, what an uproar that created. It’s still being talked about. Thank you for exposing a history long myth, that the vulva/vagina is ugly, gross, and discusting, and showing the world what it really is; beautiful, diverse, and a defining part of the female anatomy that should be admired, celebrated, and enjoyed by the whole human race, both male and female. 50% of British women and 54% of Australian women have never seen their own vaginas. This must be changed, as well as the words from a Hollywood actress, “You can feel it, you can finger it, you can f**k it, but don’t even think about looking at it."

" Leigh, United States

So grateful this work exists! Thank you for all that you do!

" Jenni Hudson, Managing director, United Kingdom

I would love to see this in a gallary. Would be great to visit with my client group to not only see the diversity but also to help improve body confidence. This article is beautifully unique and I imagine seeing it is a great tool to aid women feel better about themselves. Please keep me updated to when it is on exhibit.

" Nickie Thomas, Ex psychiatric nurse, United Kingdom

I purchased the 'Great Wall of Vagina' book recently. I had seen a documentary about Jamie's work years before and thought he was doing ground breaking work artistically as well as helping many women to celebrate the uniqueness and normality of their 'lady parts'. I was medically very traumatised by doctors at puberty becoming a medical research object because of my sister having already been found to have had an Intersex condition (DSD). I suffered repeated unnecessary internal examinations and was photographed naked, my private parts were also photographed when I was further examined under general anaesthetic. You can imagine that such trauma left me with a lot of psycho-sexual scarring. It has taken me decades to come to like and accept my 'lady parts'. I only found out that my 'lady parts' had found to be normal at the age of 33 ( from my medical notes). The medical profession have done nothing to validate any issues of damage at all and have tended to project everything back onto me as though I am the problem. So I am very grateful for Jamie's book, for it has further reassured me that there is no one or right way to look, where it comes to 'lady parts'. I have written a narrative about my medical experiences and try where I can to highlight issues within the medical establishment that clearly need to change. Jamie's book has done a lot to open up a subject area, very important to a lot of women. I think that every GP and gynaecologist should possess a copy of Jamie's book. Thank you Jamie. Nickie Thomas

" Amanda, Mommy, United States

Your art is so beautiful I want to cry. I am pregnant with twins right now. I have given natural birth to 3 beautiful children already. I endured a surgical cut from my vaginal opening to my anus to get my first son out. They did not sew me up straight. Before giving birth to my beautiful children I was sexually assaulted in a mutilating fashion. I was left with discolored stretched labias. I once had someone laugh and tell me to pull my pants back up because he thought my vagina was ugly. I have been told that I am unclean and had no option to tell someone I wanted to take it slow because I wasn't pretty down there. People can be so cruel. You don't have to post my comment but I am OK with it if you do. I am crying because I have looked through all of the panel's and I feel beautiful too. I don't feel dirty. I feel pretty. You are so beautiful for this. Thank you.

" Polly Haste, Training Lead, Sex Education Forum, NCB, United Kingdom

Jamie, a few years ago you gave the Sex Education Forum permission to use some of your images in our teaching resource 'Outside the Box' to address child sexual exploitation. I just wanted to thank you for this opportunity as the images have been universally well-received by the teachers, youth workers, care workers and social workers that we train. They have found a wealth of creative ways to respond to your images to address issues such as body confidence, anatomy and sexual pleasure in an open and safe way. Your images have enabled them to explore the true range of 'normal' with vulnerable young people for whom a positive sense of their own bodies is essential for keeping safe.

" Carolina Murcia, Colombia

Jaimie, you should be nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize. Your work is bringing peace of mind to so many women (and men, I suppose) who measure bodies by an unreal standard, causing reactions that span from simple shyness and unhappiness to anxiety, depression and self loathing. Forget politics! Peace is achieved changing people´s minds in a positive way, one person at a time. This work teaches us to love ourselves and accept others as they are. Good job and thank you!!!! I hope one day I can see your job at a museum.

" Julia Fiske, United States

My boyfriend told me about the Great Wall of Vagina when I told him that I was considering labiaplasty surgery. Your work totally changed my mind. So many women, myself included, have no idea that there is such a large variety in female genitalia. I appreciate your work, it helped me to see myself differently and not give in to yet another unrealistic standard of beauty for women. Thank you.

" Sonya, United States

I went to my doctor to see about surgery on my labia, feeling that birthing three big babies had taken its toll. Instead of surgery my doctor referred me to "The Great Wall." The medical community and the art community working together for the greater good! Hooray!

" Lili, France

Et bien moi aussi, j'aime mon sexe maintenant, avant j'avais honte, mais après avoir vu tous ces sexes différents, j'ai regardé le mien et me suis étonnée de le trouver si beau. Votre travail est extraordinaire. Merci du fond du coeur ! ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Well I love my pussy now, before I was ashamed, but after seeing all these different pussies, I looked at mine and am surprised to find it so beautiful. Your work is amazing. Thank you from the heart !

" Elizabeth, Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Albania

I love my vagina now, thank you forever and ever, you are even better than Santa Claus

" Angelique, United States

My husband told me 22 years ago that my vulva look asymmetrical and weird. I still have to think about that from time to time and how hurtful it was and how insecure and degraded I felt. It still fells like a little pinch to my heart. I think I was his first "real" woman he saw naked in daylight. Back then he had a stack of porn in his bachlor apartment and all the vulva's in those magazins looked the same. I would call them designer pussies. This Delusion of conform beauty invented of the plastik surgery through our own insecurities must end. I am so thankful that you created "The Wall of Vaginas". Thank you.

" Ellen, United States

Thank you for making this extremely important and impressive work. Every woman in the world needs a copy of the book. I forward the website of the great wall of vagina to so many women. I now feel less alone. And much more normal. Thanks again.

" Vee Mercer, Canada

The Great Wall of Vagina panels are reproductions of vulvas varied and beautiful all. As a lesbian, I would like to decorate my home with at least one copy. I find the bronze medium to be visually hard, and cold...and I would like the artist to consider making a limited edition in a plastic medium to closely mimick the plaster. I would purchase one even before it is created...because I will never have the opportunity to view in person. Such beauty needs to be shared with the world, Jamie - made available to the masses to teach humankind to accept and love themselves as they are...designer vulvas have no character.

" Lauren Deighton, Sex and Relationship Therapist, United Kingdom

In my work as a sex and relationship therapist, I regularly come across women who have very low self (body) image and who believe that their vaginas are ugly, disgusting, misshapen... I have often showed them images of Jamie McCartney's vagina casts in a bid to educate these clients about the huge diversity - and beauty - of the female form, and to challenge the notion that there is such a thing as 'normal' in terms of shape and size of the vulva. The Great Wall of Vagina is therefore a hugely valuable educational resource which can change women's - and their partners' - attitudes and beliefs, and which ultimately can help bring about self-acceptance as well as enhance intimacy in relationships. We need to see this piece of work permanently exhibited somewhere!

" Kay, United States

"Freedom from Genital Anxiety." I love it! I have never discussed this problem about myself with anyone as I thought it was only my issue. After sustaining a 4th-degree vaginal laceration while giving birth to my child over 12 years ago, my external genitals are deformed and unsightly. My labia are exceptionally thick and my labia, vulva and vaginal opening are extremely elongated - extending from my clitoris all the way down to my anus. I am so embarrassed about the appearance of my vagina, that I have refused to let anyone see it, including my husband and my doctor. This hasn't been so good for my marriage (or my health, I suppose!). This exhibit has helped me so much!! Perhaps now, I can feel somewhat comfortable allowing my husband and doctor to take a quick peek at my genitals. Maybe I can even feel a little proud - proud of what I was able to sustain (and survive) in the name of childbirth! Seriously, that has been such an oppressive issue for me. Thank you for freeing me from my genital anxiety! :-)

" Delphine Amer, Canada

What you have done with your brilliant idea to display a wide diversity of vaginal areas is make it possible for young women to accept themselves and love themselves just the way they are. Young women these days have so much working against them in a world where pornography is rampant and respect for women a dying concept. You are empowering many with this art and as a mother of three young women, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

" Jade, United States

Thank you so much for this. As someone who likes to help out other people and give advice, I tend to have to explain that all vaginas look different. I know I used to be insecure of mine until I came across this, and to help other women I share this site and these photos with them. You've really helped a lot of women with this, and I appreciate that.

" Christiane, Germany

Thanks ever so much!!! Owning a rather fantastic specimen myself I'm very happy to have been able to have a glimpse on this variety... Not until recently working as a nurse did I realise HOW different human bodies are, both male and female. A thrilling experience... I hope as many people as possible may see your work. And I hope that the information that there is no such thing as a standard body may be passed on particularly to teenagers. Open-mindedness, humor, unrestricted curiosity, acceptance... thank you for all this!

" Ken, Canada

Somewhere between hideous and the best thing ever created. Should world war 3 emerge, few things will remind us of the value of human life, other than the place where life began. (Bucket list - Check X )

" Christine, Canada

Hi Jamie, I want to take the time to write to you because I want you to know how much I appreciate the work that you've done. I was just googling what was a normal vagina because I was always insecure of mine, sort of like when men say their an average size? We're all so different. And, women don't normally talk about what they look like. It's not an open discussion. After stubbling upon your work, I feel much better and sort of ridiculous that I even felt that way.... that being said, thank you!!!! :)

" Sarah Martin, Executive Director, World Association of Sex Coaches, United Kingdom

This is such a moving and beautiful work of art, and has the power to transform lives. Really! As a clinical sexologist, one of the most common questions underpinning my clients' concerns is - "Am I normal?" And can we really blame anyone for wondering this? When our bodies are shrouded by shame and taboo, we can become separated from ourselves. This work honours and empowers and should be celebrated.

" Maureen Calder, New Zealand

Totally enthralled by your bravery. You are a credit to your sex. Removing the taboo of the beauty of nature should be displayed in our galleries universally. I love and admire you. Maureen Calder New Zealand

" Léonie Hartley-Hoover, Textile artist, Canada

A very interesting, informative and enlightening study. Congratulations Jamie on a magnificent project!

" Hollie Osborne, Student, United Kingdom

Hi Jamie, your work is wonderful! Please keep doing what you do, you're an inspiration!

" Marianna, Student, Brazil

Hello, I always felt terrible about my vagina because I though that my lips were very big and It was a problem. I suffered of depression because of it, I was thinking for a long long time to go to a plastic surgeon and cut it off and, then, I found this amazing work and It completely changed my mind. I am happy to say that seeing stories like mine made me find that I was completely normal and that I need to love my body just the way it is. I do not want to go through surgery, I do not want to be the one who ignored that I am normal just to padronize my body and I am feeling like I am winner. I am a winner for accepting me and for having in mind that I am not alone. Women, love your bodies. I love you! For each story! I am 20 years old.

" Elise, Austria

I found your work by surprise and I'm really impressed. The idea is just gorgeous! There's so much aesthetics in the wall of vaginas. I think a lot of women are insecure about how the vagina looks like and what is "normal". your work shows that each of them is unique and beautiful in their way. Thanks a lot for that contribution. Is there any chance to admire the wall in reality this year??? thanks a lot!

" Patrick Smith, retired photographer, United States

Every woman I ever knew, in my 68 years, living in and serving in the military in 16 nations, over 20 years, was self conscious about her body, personality, future, in that order. Your works help with all three, because self-confidence is a first step to success in love, in society, in work. Having never met a human I didn't like, there are some with whom I could not possibly agree! But, I have NEVER seen a vagina that wasn't really, truly, gorgeous, even though it is only a small part of the marvel that is woman!

" Kimberly, United States

Hi! I just wanted to say that your project is awesome (Great Wall of Vagina). If I ever have kids I will have this book in my house while they grow up. I was very self-conscious about my vagina, never EVER talked about it. I actually didn’t know what it even looked like until I was in my 20’s, and when I did muster the courage to take a peak, after much encouragement, I wasn’t sure I liked what I saw. I thought what I had was rather abnormal but figured I’d just accept it, then I saw your project!!!

Funny thing is, I’ve seen your project before but didn’t have the courage to really look at it or let it talk to me back then. I thought that it was obscene and guarded myself against thinking about it. After reading this article- (in which your project is mentioned) I figured I had too do it because I really wanted to come to accept what I had. It’s so weird that I would have ever felt threatened by this!!! Anyways, wanted to just write to say thanks for your work putting this project together!! This is a pretty great contribution :) Best, Kim

" Di Vuk, Croatia

Thank You for this. You don't know how huge thing you're doing and how different my life would be if i saw this before. Now it's too late for me, and my health, because it got ruined by labpl. But it isn't late for others and i honore and thank You for this. I thought i was different, hated myself and didn't wanna be with anyone. I think that it is important to have a sexual education in every country. We need to start loving ourselves the way we are. <3 We are all beautiful. Thank You, <3 keep on doing it, we love you

" Hayley Smith, United Kingdom

I love your work and the ethos behind it! Keep it coming, because more love for variation is sadly needed more than ever. I don't have an iPhone but would love your phone cover, if you ever expand your range out to a Samsung please email me! : )

" Rachelle, United States

You are doing a good thing here. You should feel good about the impact your work is having on others. Thank you.

" Cunnilo, IT-Consult, Germany

What a wonderful project to show every woman how different and "normal" every vulva is in this way! The way how beautiful the vulva seems like, is only depending on the females owner personality and carisma.

" Hanna, United States

I just want to say what a great thing this is. This piece helped me grow to accept my lady bit as it is, no matter what it looks like. This is awesome and such a confidence booster! Kudos to all of the women who participated. Beautiful.

" John LoMonaco, Plastic Surgeon, United States

As a plastic surgeon, I applaud this bold project that will no doubt help women understand the normalcy and individuality of their vulvas. When I see a patient, I limit my consultations only to those who have severe physical symptoms from excess tissues. In the past, this was an issue that was rarely discussed and almost never treated. As for purely cosmetic changes, well, they to stay. The Italian Renaissance values of form, simplicty, and clarity also apply to the human body. The ogee curve is beautiful in art, architecture, and anatomy. There are those people who wish to change their body parts to be closer to this ideal. While people may have an opinion on the moral and ethical righteousness of this, it is important to remember that no decision is more personal than what we chose to do with our own bodies.

" daniel singh, Sr Manager, India

Fantastic effort,work and achievement. My wishes to all those brave women for sharing their very personal secrets which has made general public very much informed and educative,making them come out of the myths about the details of the vagina. My sincere suggestion is to separate the natural vagina's from the labiaplasty Vagina's and organised by age. eg ist display of natural unaltered vagina's from 18 to 86 years old 2nd display of labiaplasty vagina's.age wise 3rd display of vagina's of transgenders age wise 4th display of vagina and clitoris pierced

" Helen James, United Kingdom

This important piece of art has allowed my daughter and I to discuss and explore how everyone is different and beautiful. She was able to share her thoughts and worries and to appreciate how normal and lovely she is. We also enjoyed being part of a fellowship of women, all different and all to be celebrated. I would recommend it to all parents.

" Catherine Macfarlane, Australia

I like your idea. everyone needs to know our parts are all normal, unique and beautiful. we don't need to look like porn stars to be beautiful, we need to appreciate how we were made.

" Tina, Austria

I saw your work on the documentary „The Perfect Vagina“ and I absolutely love what you did. Showing women that their vulvas are unique and nothing to be ashamed of is essential. Even though I think this way, I am a victim myself; thinking that my vulva is not pretty enough, not normal. More than once I have considered getting plastic surgery but thankfully I have never had it done. Watching the documentary though, and especially the parts about your project, the Great Wall, has motivated me to really like my vulva. We are not on a 100% yet, but we are working on it. THANK YOU

" Anna, United Kingdom

Upon viewing your project I was filled with a mixture of emotions, including wonder, relief, and appreciation - appreciation not just for the beauty and differences of the female form, but for your project, which celebrates the female form. I can't begin to imagine the wonderful things your project has done for people, women and men alike, all over the world.

" Charlie, Australia

I think this study is a very good thing for every woman to check out so it shows they are normal. It is not a pervert show, it is real life art. Every Woman is different and so is every man. At some stage of ur lives we must accept that we are all 'normal'

" Erik, United Kingdom

I just wanted to say this is a great work of art. I am an FTM transgender (not transsexual, my body is still completely unaltered, sadly), and seeing all these vaginas... specifically those of other FTM people makes me feel much more at ease with myself. Having a vagina and being a man doesnt necasserily have to contradict, I see that now. I still hate my anatomy with all of my body, but I can at least feel a bit more peace in the fact that I am simply born this way and will necer have a real penis now.

" Brenda, United States

This is wonderful!!! I grew up thinking something was wrong with me because all I saw were the perfectly shaped vaginas in my Dad's playboy magazines (not realizing these were photo shopped and touched up)... it is such a relief to see that I am completely normal and these vagina's are the norm! Thank you!!!

" Rachel, Canada

I've always hated the way my vagina looks. Your art has made me realize that my vagina isn't necessarily ugly simply because I don't have one that is identical to the ones constantly seen in pornography. It's helped me be less self conscious about it. Thank you for that.

" venus, United Kingdom

hi very nice... thanks please tell me about cost of this art.

" Janey, United Kingdom

Thank you so much for your work. It is amazing to see a true representation of the variety between vulvas. It gives me a lot of confidence and I wish I had seen this years ago!!

" Liliane Top, Fine Artist, Netherlands

Art can change the world. Thank you for this work, I wish it had my name on it.

" Michael Moreno, The Great Wall of Vagina, India

I have heard for the first time "vagina" in The Great Wall of Vagina. It's a big Hit. The Whole world knows The Great Wall of China. I like your idea. You are really a true Artist. I know you have future plans on Exhibition. Would love to see your Art work in tits too.

" Maria, Spain

I think this is beautiful; the whole concept,the panels. I love watching people in the beach; different bodies, unique shapes, extraordinary makes me realise how similar and different we all are. How unique and peculiar is every little part of our body. It's great to have a chance to observe vaginas so closely and from a neutral and natural perspective. Nature is amazingly beautiful!

" richa, India


" Iveta Fialová, Czech Republic

Wow! The great wall of vagine is nice project because my self-confidence is very great now . Thank you very much.

" Guinevere de Amblia, CEO Global Stainless Systems Inc, United States

I am transgender and had surgery about two months ago. I was so happy to see this work!! I feel so "normal" !! I really hope this exhibit can make it to the US, I think it would change a lot of lives, I know it did mine.... Thank You !!!!

" A. Nonny Mouse, United Kingdom

Thank you for this amazing project. I have issues with my vagina for most of my teenage + life (about 15 years). I thought it was abnormal and my first serious boyfriend confirmed it was when I confided my fears to him when I was 16. He watched a lot of porn and I was his first serious girlfriend. I have always been extremely self conscious and have just started a relationship with someone who I have cared about very much for a long time. This has really been playing on my mind as I don't want to disappoint him so finally got up the courage to do a google search. I wish I had done it sooner and saved myself years of needless misery. We need these discussions in schools and other places. There is so much stigma attached to the v-word. It seems normalised for male genatalia to be discussed but it's always seemed so more secretive with the female anatomy. I had no idea up until now that what I have is normal. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much you have changed my perception of myself.

" Sophy, United States

I love this project.

" Allison Prim, United States

Wow!! After finding out I have what is called an "outie vagina" I felt very insecure and gross. This is such an eye-opening exhibit for me! You have no idea how much more comfortable I am about my vagina after seeing these photos. I appear to look pretty normal. Thank you so much for making this.

" Anna, Registered Nurse, United States

Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience! As a women's health nurse, I am frequently asked what normal female genitalia look like and I am excited to now refer patients to this site. I also encourage people to explore the color variations of female genitalia - flesh of black, browns, pinks, and reds blended many different ways; and hair of various colors, textures, and distribution. Every woman is unique and your Great Wall of Vagina really emphasizes that.

" Del Wadia, India

I never been to UK, but I have read about this in Indian Newspaper (Times Of India). I visited the site, I liked the concept. Its great. I have extended idea of this: This can be separated with countries i.e. each board from different country. It make us to understand the physical health of the people, how they are successful in their sexual lives and why, how they are careful about their organs, and on the top of the everything: we can understand which part of world women required medical helps from different NGOs. So we can get 1000 information about women of different part of the world

" Femi Vaughan, Lawyer, Nigeria

This project is really awesome and is a real eye opener for men too. I always thought my girlfriend protruded a little "too much" down there because I mentally compared her genitalia to those of other women I've been with but after seeing everything from the "labia-less" to the "labia-full" on The Great Wall of Vagina, I realized how myopically ignorant I've been. We are so definitely getting married now!!!

" Jenn, Teacher, Canada

I just wanted to say THANK-YOU so much! I have been self conscious about my vagina, especially my labia, for as long as I can remember, but your artwork has made me feel so much better about myself. The 'media' portrays all vaginas to look practically identical, with little to no labia - you have proven that this is simply not the case and I have found confidence in myself and, if I may say so, confidence in my vagina, that I don't think I've ever had before! Awesome artwork. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!

" Haritha Vunnam, India

Hi. I just stumbled upon this site and I cannot explain how much better I feel about my body. I come from a culture where it is an absolute taboo to even say the word vagina. I had never seen one apart from my own and was under the impression that mine was less than perfect. I now realize how perfect my body is. Thanks Jamie for putting up these images on the web and helping women across the world, many of whom (like me) who would have never been able to make it to the museum.

" Cybil Solyn, Esthetician, United States

I remove hair from vagina's all day long and am constantly asked by women if theirs looks normal. I always say "Yours looks like a vagina, and all vagaina's are beautiful and perfect as they are. I've never seen two that are the same, each is unique and beautiful like a snowflake." All of which is shown with this art piece! Look at the twins, the mom and daughter, all the varieties. No two are the same, and each is perfect.

" Andy Cooke, Carpenter, United States

I heard about your project on the radio this morning. Curious, I looked at the site. Truly it brought tears to my eyes. Well done. Every woman I know has "body issues", and I feel your project will make a difference. Even if just one person feels more confident for your exhaustive contribution to modern culture you have been successful, but I think you will impact many thousands if not millions with this installation. I look forward to seeing it when and where I can, and also to your future work. Bravo to everyone involved with or supporting this effort.

" Elysse, United States

Thank you for your work. For a long time I have been concerned with how my vagina looks. I hated that one side is a little longer than the other. I was seriously considering having labiaplasty to correct it. After doing research and seeing the documentary called “The Perfect Vagina” I realized that there was no issue to correct. This documentary is where I first saw your amazing sculpture. I am glad you decided to do this piece of work. It has helped me realize that, like fingerprints, no two women are alike. Your work has and will help countless numbers of women overcome their insecurities and realize there is no reason to be ashamed.

" Marietta, accountant, Hungary

Coincidence. Last night finished Eve Ensler's book: The Vagina Monologues. It was a very good book. And today bumped an article about this exhibition. Interesting theme, interesting approach of the women's liberization of knowledge their body. I admit, I've never seen other's vagina beside my daughter's. And I saw her only when she was a toddler. And I was raised to not watch between my legs - though I was curious and watched several times in my youth , and now when I had some problems. I was surprised how it changed. I wish I had a prints from my youth, after the each child, and maybe every ten year. Just to know my body's life.

" Wachid, Malaysia

This is like wow.. such a great art idea.. the great wall of vigina gives lots of meaning to all womens out there.

" Jahel DGM, Kinesiologist, Mexico

Hi Jamie,I am absolutely pleased with your work, "The Wall of Vagina". I'm very impressed about how art can start a Revolution in women's mind. I can tell you that this is something we all should see in order to gain freedom and acceptance. What you've done is like if you had taken the time in your hands and brought a NEW AGE. Do you imagine the effects on every woman are actually having after The Wall of Vagina? It is more than: no more labioplastía, it is a new concept of female intimacy! Thank you!!! Finally I would like to tell you that I'd love to participate in your next project around the world. So you have here a mexican vagina for your art proyect. Jahel.

" Echo F, student, United Kingdom

I was linked to you site through an online debate about a recent performance of the play Vagina Monologue in China. The play had been revised and played in many universities in China but recently a series of promoting photos by a group of female students caused a roar of curses online. I was shocked by my countrymen's repulsive response to the students who were doing nothing more than saying the plain truth: women's body need to be respected. I hope one day the majority of Chinese men can look at your website with respect, not with curse, but I doubt when.

" Sandra, Macedonia

Original, inspiring, liberating and beautiful. The world needs artists that through their art they are sending a message to the world, I am especially affected by the fact that you are a man who came up with the idea.Things like that make me believe in better tomorrow.Thank you and bravo :)

" Heather Mascheck, Docent, United States

After stumbling upon some rather sexist depictions of vaginas that were obviously drawn and described by a man who doesn't understand or have any respect for women what so ever I was clearly upset. So, my wonderful boyfriend showed me your work and I just wanted to say thank you. Seeing how unique and lovely every woman is really helped me appreciate and accept the way I look. This project is amazing!

" Karen Litos, Women's Health Physical Therapist, United States

Jamie, Love this display and so helpful for women to view the wide range of 'normal.' I am presuming you purposely used artistic license with the catchy title but just to clarify for women everywhere, these are castings of the vulva, not the vagina (on the inside). Thanks for your artwork, hope I get to view it in person some day!

" penelope, artist/sculptress, United Kingdom

As woman I found your work to be fascinating, informative and liberating. I had no idea how individual each woman's vagina is. They are as different as fingerprints. I am sure I am not alone in having never seen another woman's vagina and also not alone in wondering if my own was attractive, normal or somehow flawed in appearance. Men do not share this experience, as a gender you witness each other's penis's from an early age, communal urinals an' all. We don't share this experience, you quench the curiosity in your work. I can openly say I studied my own and then referenced it to your wall, astounded at the variety and totally reassured that my own little pleasure palace was unique, beautiful and perfect. Thank you for the privilege and thanks too to all the women who contributed. You rock!

" Jamie, Social Media/Creative, United States

I don't know why, but I have been freaking out about my labia and wanting to get surgery lately. I stumbled upon your videos about your Wall of Vaginas just now (Im not even done watching all of them) and I'm just so blown away by this project and the meaningful nature of it for women. Thank you for doing this. I'm in New York...but I would LOVE to be a part of this project. I think this is the most socially relevant project our society needs - for men and women! Body image is a huge huge deal. I know for myself, it really effects m confidence levels when I wonder if I'm 'ugly' down there, or if my stomach is too fat, my nose is too big, my hair is too dry...these are things that sounds so superficial but the truth is, we have been brainwashed to believe that we are SUPPOSED to look a certain way and it bothers us to the core root of our beings as humans if we feel we don't fit into that mold, it's basic survival!

If we don't fit in, we suffer - we are cast out, left behind. It's not superficial at all. We are fed these ideas of beauty and perfection and then are condemned for being "insecure". Even after seeing your work, I can't help but feel "oh, if only I had a prettier one - I know men prefer hardly any labia at all - after all..Why was porn created with that ideal to begin with? There must be a reason it wasn't the other way! But.......I feel so much better, like I"m starting a healing process with my self image after seeing that so many other women have what I have. I'm quite average actually..if not beautiful. I'm sure whatever partners I have in my life will have seen it all before, and that, alone, makes me feel more comfortable. I have a totally new appreciation for the female anatomy after seeing how beautiful these women's flowers are and that it really is just a part of who we is normal and glorious.

" Mark Westmoreland, World Leader, United States

Your work is wonderful and I love what you are doing with your art.

" Diana Wang, United States

I recently heard about The Great Wall of Vagina from a friend.. (I really wish I had discovered it earlier!!!) and I wanted to say thank you... thank you... THANK YOU for reassuring for all females across the world that they are beautiful just as they are and that there is no need to be ashamed of their vulvas. This is incredibly powerful art. Please PLEASE have an exhibition in San Francisco (where I live). This city will ADORE you!

" Madeleine , Canada

I came across your project the other day after myself and a friend struggled for quite some time to draw anything that resembled a vagina. Having one myself and being the worse off vagina artist it was a pretty interesting experiment and of course surprising that the owner of one would be so oblivious to it's finer details of appearance. This lead to google... obviously, we were looking for REAL vaginas rather than the designer vaginas we are well aware of from our pornos. You seem to be somewhat of a pioneer when it comes to this fully spread display of such a variety, everything else we came up with was shite, frankly. You know, I liked it because of all the male genitalia we are confronted with, whether it be the statue of david, dicks drawn on a drunk guys face or middle school papers, and dildos galore, the most we ever see of the female parts day to day is the wispy bush of late night television or renaissance art, the mysteries beneath remaining such a mystery that I, a female, cannot shed some light on the subject pictorially on command. Thanks, I could honestly look at them for hours and not get bored

" Jose Luis Sandoval Orozco, Mexico

¡ what a beautiful work and what a beautiful models¡¡¡ I wiil apply this idea for woodcarving vulva in boxwood¡¡¡. Thanks Jamie for this Masterpiece.

" CK Walker, Artist/creative professional, United States

N tears at only comment 25. Growing up as a traditional artist with sneak infusion of modern art in to my life her earn there — i eventually crossed over to what is considered the dark side of art by traditionalist. YET this is proof of the power and influence REAL art has. I have done erotic art pretty much my entire life and always its a taboo hide, even though loved and admired the fear to purchase. it or se it on the walls. And my new art explores outwardly the interaction in relationships — between the sexes (as that is my experience) to the world and to objects, and lastly to ourselves. Having worked on the man show and adding to the stereotypes yet me as a extra large bbw was the sex object and mascot of the art department for a couple of seasons and many of the crew verses the pornstars and strippers .. it was esteem building— that just being me , was enough to be seen as special. Single past 50 and not currently dating. The walls can tend to shut down the vibrant energy of a sexual woman and with media pushing and me once a player in that realm.. of entertainment advertising— and a huge life shift..maybe my life transitions have a deeper purpose. The depth and beauty and respect. PURE respect and love given to us as individual women and the female collective at the same time… Is fantastic.I hope it allows doors to open for you and the art to be seen and accepted. And the grace you have touched with so many souls is truly amazing. And as I am sure you have been asked. the great wall of penises would be wonderful to see as well. Though understandable if that is not your realm of art to create. very brilliant and impactful and amazing art. Thank you CK Walker

" R. H., United States

Thank you for your art. It addresses an issue that needs far more attention. I grew up thinking there was something wrong with me because no one told me how we all look different. I am horrified that women will have labioplasty surgery just because they have never learned to appreciate their own uniqueness. keep spreading your art around the world!

" Stef, language teacher, Austria

Thank you, Jamie & models & collaborators! This is such an important contribution to the re-volution of the gaze, the revolution that can transform everyting that comes after, the one revolution that this world so badly needs (and is fortunately getting more of by the hour). Looking forward to seeing more projects like this one!

" Sheila , Psychology major (full time student), Missouri, USA, United States

This is beautiful. I really like this a lot, and it has helped me to overcome some body esteem issues as well. I live in America and I think this sort of art is very underrated. This kind of art needs to be mainstream here! Hopefully more people and museums will hear of your work so that your pieces can be showcased more around the States. Thank you for your hard and time consuming work!

" L A Clayton, United States

Vagina's are definitely a work of art. I was referred to this site by my gynecologist when I asked about vaginal rejuvenation. I'm happy to discover that I am perfect already. Thanks.

" Niki, Germany

This is such an outstanding piece of art. I think this is extremely important as women nowadays are being told constantly that if they don't look a certain way down there there must be something wrong with them and the best "cure" is to get it "sorted out". Of course this is complete nonsense, and just as Penises, Vaginas come in all shapes and sizes. I think this is such an important issue to address. You have my full support.

" Les, United States

I had a girlfriend back 20 years ago and she was so worried that her inner labia was too large...Why do women worry about this stuff so much? I love all vaginas (except the pierced ones, why abuse yourself that way?) I thought she had a gorgeous vag., as a matter of fact, in all my years I've never seen one I didn't think was at least pretty, especially considering what they can do, it's pure form following function into beauty!

" Ron, United States

This brilliant! My late partner and I stumbled across a similar type of exhibit that focused on breasts. The female artist took photos of womens' breasts from belly button to shoulders. Similarly, they varied in size, shape, color, you name it. Not only were no two sets of breast alike, no two breasts in any of the sets were the same. LIke you, I find it amazing that women are self conscious about a part of their body that they rarely see. Thanks for doing a grand service for all women, and as a result, all men.

" Katie Tinne, United Kingdom

This is so important. I feel liberated to see it because I understand myself to be normal and loose my hangups. I want to my daughters to feel equally as reassured as I am by seeing this and hope that it will still be around in ten years time when they are old enough to be reassured.

" janina, United Kingdom

These beauties are like fingerprints-unique, nothing can women happier than the sight, you're great

" Meg, United Kingdom

Despite the efforts of my lovely parents to bring me up with positive body-image, society did it's best for me and as a result of some vulgar jokes in school and porn, I came to believe that my vagina was a totally ugly anomaly, a grotesque and hideously deformed accident. At the age of about 14, I actually tried to 'tie off' my inner labia like farmers do to little lambs tails, to cut off the circulation and make them drop off- because I thought they weren't supposed to be there. Nudist camps, the Vagina Monologues, friends, reassuring sexual health prefessionals, and sex- nothing at all has made me forgive my vagina for being totally normal until now. Not so far to go now to believe myself beautiful! Thank you for ever.

" Melissa Main, Australia

You may like a new song of mine somewhat influenced by your work: "Designer Vagina" Thanks so much :D

" Jane, Student, Belgium

THANK YOU! I believed my vagina was the example of utter weirdom, even though I realized that those porn-vaginas are often not real. But what is real then? My vagina! I even come to like it after seeing all those different beautiful flowers. Sigh :) You artwork is perfect for sexual RE-education of all ages.

" Alexandre Goncalves, Faturista, Brazil

Ola , estou aqui a parabenizar o seu trabalho que ate entao eu nao conhecia , e fiquei a saber atraves de um artigo no site do Yahoo.A Grande Muralha da Vagina é uma obra de excepcional importância para a compreensão das mulheres da imagem do seu corpo ,eu acredito que há uma grande necessidade por parte dos jovens para obter mais informações sobre seus corpos sexuais e que é normal, e os riscos de certas formas de cirurgia plástica na qual eu seja totalmente contra, ao contrario de seja nescessario realmente uma intervencao cirurgica . Um grande e forte abraco e parabens pelo trabalho !!! Ass : Alexandre G.

" Shannon, Canada

Dear Mr. Mccartney, I need to thank you for literally changing my life. For years, I have walked about, believing that I am carrying something ugly and unnatural. My vagina was an embarrassing secret that I hated and felt uncomfortable sharing, even with my loving partner. I have been on a clandestine search for images of vaginas that resemble mine – but cartoon slits and tidy porn lips only served to reinforce my fears. My friend showed me your “Great Wall of Vagina” online, and within seconds I was weeping. After Panel 1, I had cried away years of shame and self-loathing. The next day was euphoric. And now begins my quest to start loving myself again. As my friend said when she saw my reaction, “this is true art!”

" Kathrine Page, Gallery director, Spencer Hill Gallery, Corning, NY, United States

Thank you for your work, and for what you are doing to bring an awareness (and reassurance to women) to the varieties of shapes, sizes, and medical issues to the most beautiful part of the human female anatomy. As such, why are you (and so many others) referring to vagina, when, in reality, it's the vulva? Also, have you considered Female Genital Mutilation as a way of bringing more awareness to the plight of "Half the Sky" as chronicled in the documentary, "Half the Sky"? Again, thank you for your work. Yours sincerely, Kathrine

" Tiffany, SousChef, United States

AMAZING ! Simply amazing.

" Sali Kelley, teacher, Italy

Jamie My boyfriend and I saw your work here in Milan last month..we loved the Kama was so fun. Your work it particular made an impression on me. As women, so often we are defined by what we see in magazines, film, on the net..Tumblr..and other sites.There is so much to be found if you look. But sadly a lot of it is staged, airbrushed, photoshopped..not "real". So many women have body issues..and genitalia issues..I never knew I needed to have those, until Tumblr came along. All of a sudden I had something else to worry about..another part of my body not meeting the standards, not perfect. Your work has taken the self-loathing, the worry, the shame possibly? out of a very personal body part that we all have. We need to rejoice in, and embrace our differences, stop the self hating behaviour, and just accept ourselves for what we are..beautiful, imperfect creatures, human beings. All different, but all with the right to be loved, by ourselves, and others! Thank you!!

" Amber Snow, Web Developer & Graphic Design, Australia

I came across this on you tube, and I just had to take a look. And I want to thank you, as a late teen surrounded by so much media, we are constantly told what we should look like, even down there. I can honestly say I'm happy now! My mind is at ease, we ARE all different and no two are the same!

" Lorena Pontes, teacher, Brazil

First I want to apologize for my bad English. I am delighted with the art of McCartney! Coming from a trip to Chile, I got a magazine in the airport (Status), took a quick look. When I got home I read the magazine more calmly and found an article that talked about this artist and his art. I decided to search the site and found an amazing job! I'm here right now commenting and sharing on my Facebook.

" DGO Margot, teacher gynaecological examination, Netherlands

I highly appreciate your 'Great Wall of Vagina' project, Jamie! As a teacher gynaecological examination (at Radboud University Medical Centre and throughout my own training institute 'DGO Margot') I communicate with a lot of students physicians, doctors, midwives and women patients/clients... When it comes to the vital parts, insecurity is vividly an issue many women deal with; your 'Great Wall of Vagina' provides such an eye opening view for so many women (and men)! Congrats on this project Jamie. Wishing you and women nation it will travel around the world and contribute to much more (self)tolerance and acceptation! DGO Margot – teacher gynaecological examination, the Netherlands

" Jenna, United States

The Wall is such an incredible idea and truly beautiful! Thank you for showing me and everyone that we are all "normal" and unique in our own way. I feel so much less insecure seeing this and I wish everyone else could too. The Wall really makes me feel that the human body is beautiful and is something to appreciate and admire rather than be ashamed of. Thank you so much for your work!

" Zoe, United States

Fascinating and valuable. Thank you.

" Sina, Canada

I would like to say thanks Jamie for this master piece you made, I was really amazed with this intellectual art work. I wish I have a chance to come to UK to visit The Great wall of Vagina!

" Melinda, United Kingdom

Dear Jamie, Can I just say that you have given me the greatest gift you ever could. In medical journals and sex education etc we are shown a vagina, its always a thin slivered line in cartoon style. Then I look at my own - and even as a teenager, get a shock, because it looks old and wrinkled and thick and messy. Then to see your wall (a few years ago) and know that I'm not worse than most. I freak out no more. I am embarrassed no more. Thank you.

" Zahra T, Canada

Thanks for your innovative approach to break this taboo. Here is a poem with sarcastic theme that I said lately inspired by your work. It is also related to my ex husband leaving me last year. Hope you like it:) Vagina wall Oh shoot, of course it makes sense, Of course it is so natural, Of course you were right and I was wrong, Wasn’t I the one who showed you the vagina wall sculpture made by that UK artist? Wasn’t I the one who got surprised with the variety of their shapes? Oh, didn’t I also wish to be there as one of the models? I do confess here again and again that I suffer from short memory, damn it And I stood there selfishly in front of you to stop you from going, When you wanted to discover vagina world by your own hands, tongue and penis, I cannot believe how ignorant and self-centered I am sometimes, You went through this much pain for your simple right and I was there to torture you with my eyes, What an asshole I was ZT

" Eleonora, Italy

Dopo la visita alla mostra in Triennale a Milano, sono entusiasta della tua arte. Amo la mia vagina e ho sempre pensato che è differente dalle altrem ma ora ho completato la mia visione, perchè nella tua performance la vagina è stata sdoganata! Finalmente non solo esibizioni di simboli fallici ma esaltazione dell' "origine del mondo"!

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: After the visit to the Exhibition in Milan, Triennale Design Museum, I become enthusiastic over your Art. I love my vagina and I always have thought she is different from the others, but now I have completed my vision, because in your performance the vagina has been cleared! At last not only show of phallic symbol but glorification of the "Origin of the World"!

" Amanda, United Kingdom

Hi, actually just saw you on Russel Howard's good news in the UK and had to look things up in more detail! I'm so happily surprised to finally realise that my body is normal.For years all I've had to compare with is in porn and I've thought that my vagina is totally weird for not essentially being a hole with nothing around it! and now I know that actually it's totally normal and average. I'm a Biologist too...I should know better but I guess society has somehow made me feel ugly despite being otherwise decent-looking. Hopefully I'll now be able to have sex without feeling self-conscious every time someone looks down.

" Renee, New Zealand

I was at my regular check up at the gynecologist last week and her use of the word 'normal' prompted me to ask if she had heard of Jamie McCartney and the Great Wall of Vagina. She was delighted I mentioned it and expressed how unhappy her and her co-workers were with the the recent trend of woman being insecure with their vaginal area and how common it was becoming that patients were seeking consultations regarding cosmetic alterations. She now directs such patients to Google The Great Wall of Vagina and the documentary's, articles and interviews that relate to it. According to her this work has made a fundamental change in woman's perceptions of 'normal' and made her patients more comfortable and confident of their own bodies. I'm sure you have heard this a million times already but I just wanted to make sure you knew that this work is making a positive difference in our little corner of the world too!

" Abigail, student, United States

I first heard of this project on a feminist blog I follow, and my attention was instantly captured. What a stunningly beautiful, vitally important, and socially ground-breaking piece of art this is! Considering that every single person on the planet came out of a vagina, or was formed through a vagina (don't want you to think I'm leaving out c-section babies!), you'd think we'd have a more comprehensive respect and appreciation for it. On behalf of every woman who has a vagina, and every man (or woman) who enjoys vaginas, THANK YOU! Brilliant tribute to a brilliant subject.

" Sturla Einarson, Sound Designer, Norway

I liked Your wall, and the Idea behind it. I have met some woman in my long life, and they also sounds, and think in different shades. Acoustically, from the great wall of woman tryhing to hit the root chord in a C major angry, or the great wall of snoring women. I hope your work will inspire others to everything from the Great Wall of differences, to the great wall of understanding. Thousand women who snore in harmony, can go from being a nightmare, to be one beautiful and poetic symphonic event.

" Vedrana, Croatia

I think that this project is brilliant! Untill a few years back, I was also convinced that my (and maby all) vaginas are ugly; an eye opener for me was one great book about sex and sexuality that explained the same thing as your art did: that there's no normal or abnormal "vagina look" and that all of our body parts are special. I hope that your work will help many women (and men) to experince the same epiphany as I did. Congratulations, see you in Milan! P.S did you consider doing something similar with penises?

" li lei, China

well done! now i can know the vagina better! thank you

" Peter Greenhouse, Consultant in Sexual Health, United Kingdom

The Great Wall of Vagina is a work of exceptional importance for women's understanding of body image, and one which the UK's Sexual Health specialists and Gynaecologists would like to see publicised as widely as possible to help stem the tide of young women requesting unnecessary labial reduction surgery. Quite apart from that motive, the [SKIN DEEP] exhibition also contains other beautiful works of photography and sculpture. It should therefore be socially and ethically newsworthy enough to warrant attention and debate.

" Marge Berer, Editor, RHM Journal, United Kingdom

I believe there is a great need on the part of young people for more information about their sexual bodies and what is normal, and the risks of certain forms of cosmetic surgery, in the midst of what has been called a body-changing culture, which is becoming pervasive in this and many other societies. I published an issue of the journal Reproductive Health Matters, of which I am the editor, on cosmetic surgery in May 2010. The content1 indicates just how much attention this subject is getting in countries as diverse as the UK, Brazil and Burkina Faso. Any hope of making a dent in young people’s lack of information at a national level, and giving them a chance to ask questions and express their fears and concerns before they have their labia excised or put rings through their penises, calls for a multimedia approach. Jamie is taking this approach as an artist and I believe it can make a difference, e.g. by encouraging teachers of sex and relationships education to use educational materials like the Wall in their classrooms.

" Charlotte, United Kingdom

Hi just wanted to say how stunning the exhibition is in Cork St. I sat across the street from it all week and finally got in to see it on Saturday. I am sure I am joining many women in saying thank you for putting my mind at rest. Nough said!

" Kimberley, United States

Thank you Jamie, your work does exactly what you set out to do. I feel better now!

" Julie, Canada

I want to personally thank you, Jamie, for The Great Wall of Vagina. This work finally (finally!) presents women with what we look like, what is "normal", what is OK, what our lovers see and love and are turned on by during intimate moments. As an adult woman (36) trying to see what other vuIvas look like ( as recently as a month ago), asking female friends if they too wonder what others look like, comparing and showing my vulva with close friends, I always came out with the frustration of how men see each other's genitalia so easily in changing rooms and whatnot and how for women, porn seems to have this quasi labia-less pink orifice that does not resemble ours. The real-life comparison always stops at two, maybe three vulvas, if a hetero woman is lucky enough to have such friends who will giddily pull down their pants and open up. Of course Obgyns and midwives get their fair share of exposure but when I look up vagina or vulva on the Internet, I get few images and most are either of the porn variety or diseased. It pretty much sums up society's perception of women' s sexuality, I suppose. So again, thank you. For the first time, I am able to see what I have been looking for and know it is from a trustworthy source. I'm sure I am the hundredth person to drone on and on about this but please understand how even in 2012, in our seemingly fore-thinking world, it was, until your work, impossible for a regular woman like me to see this.

" Morten, Norway

I read about your project in the newspaper today. What an important project! I hope it contributes to raise girls and womens’ confidence about their own body. I gave the link to your website to my teenage daughters so they can see how different women are. Well done!

" Jayne, United States

This is the first piece of artwork I've seen my entire life that has actually had an impact on me. I've been waiting my whole life for that one moment you hear about where a piece of art actually moves you. I'd begun to think that was only for the truly artistic minded because that just never happened for me. This did. I love the concept, the execution, the humor. I love everything about it. It makes me so happy that you chose to do this and for the reasons you did. Thank you.

" Michele, United Kingdom

Using art to expose the insanity of mutilation - and to celebrate the beautiful uniqueness of each and every woman - is something that totally resonates for me. Such a complicated area is sexuality - taps into the deepest parts of us, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Hence the exploitation. Very sad, but a reality - your exhibition and words can help to prevent brutal and invasive surgery, whilst enhancing confidence and self esteem. You clearly work from the heart - tis the only way to live! Thank you again - really made my day.

" BJ, United States

I think your work is wonderful. Thank you for being fearless.

" Lynne, United States

This is just a fan letter. I'd never heard of you or the Great Wall until today, when I was Googling vaginas and penises (I seem to be preoccupied with this and--also an artist—I am beginning vagina and penis drawings/paintings). Your reasons for making this a subject are very different from mine--that said, I am entirely delighted with the Great Wall of Vagina, and the videos about the project. Thanks for this terrific work. Confessions of a fellow artist: every now and then--not often-- I see work and think: wish I'd done that. So it is with the Great Wall. It's way more interesting however because you are a man, and I do wonder if you get blow back from women who say "How dare you? You've no right in this territory. Anyhow, thank you again. I will follow you with interest.

" Maria, United States

Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for signing the book I bought, I didn't expect that. Also, it turns out that over here in the U.S.A. it's really fun to receive envelopes that say "Royal Mail" on the postage. I'm reading the book in small sections each night before I go to bed and I wish I could show it to everybody I know but I may have to scrounge up some courage because I know most of them would be horrified and wonder what was wrong with me if I’m reading such a thing! Thank you for creating this project!

" Debbie, United Kingdom

Hi Jamie, I have just stumbled upon your work and think that we used to know each other, many years ago (you had a dog, I had two?) Either way, whether you are who I think you are or not and whether you remember me or not I just had to get in touch and tell you that I really admire your Great Wall of Vagina project. How beautiful, how liberating and how very important a piece. Fascinating, inspired and thought provoking.

" Stephanie, United Kingdom

To the creator of the Great Wall of Vagina! I often look at videos and forums about whether having a large labia is normal, and since I've grown it's become more of a concern (OK I'm only 17 so I'm not that old!) I occasionally look at videos on Youtube about large labias and if it's 'normal'. It's not uncommon for me to come across a video about people having cosmetic surgery done which made me want to have it even more- just to be 'normal'. I was very pleased to have come across your video about your project, it's completely changed my attitude towards everything. I've never mentioned my worries about how I 'look' but since I viewed your videos posted on Youtube- which then lead me to your website, I feel more confident and accepting. I think your project will change many women's lives as well as peoples perception and awareness. You mentioned that the main focus of this project was the beauty of it, and secondly was the purpose. I strongly believe that your work has projected beauty, diversity and acceptance to the public. The message that your work has portrayed is unbelievable - especially for an art lover like myself! It's easy to say that every one is different, but to see and experience the beauty of it is truly an honour.

" Maria, Brazil

Hi! I found your work very interesting and would love to visit your gallery particularly to see The Great Wall of Vagina. I am a Brazilian gynaecologist and obstetrician and my research interests are in perineal care. A group of friends, midwives and childbirth activists, have also heard of your work and we would like to visit your gallery.

" Jordan, United States

Dear Jamie, I just came across your work on The Great Wall of Vagina and I'm not sure the word 'fantastic' is an adequate descriptor. I am thrilled almost beyond words to see your work in public and to see someone like you working to change this perception. Once again, kudos to you for a fantastic piece of work. If only all the women in the world could see this.

" Sharon, Australia

Hi Jamie ! how are you? LOVE your vagina work and wanted to ask a question. I'm currently writing a book on vagina's - I used to be a Brazilian waxer and my number one question was "am I normal"? With this in mind I wanted to spread the good word on our lady bits and relieve the anxiety women suffer. I would really love to include photographs of your 'Great Wall of Vagina" in my book (just a section of the wall would be fine). I've seen thousands of fannies (as I'm sure you have too) so I know that no two vaginas are the same, but I need some images for my readers to see for themselves. Is this something you would be willing to do? I live in Australia, but my husband is from the UK so we are looking at travelling over next year - would love a cast of my vagina!! Anyway, hope to hear from you soon, keep up the fabulous work!

" Anita, Canada

What a wonderful thing you've done. Your work is beautiful and such an eye opener. I really had no idea there was so much variety among us, and all of it is normal. Also, the videos were great in showing how it all came about and gave an exceptional understanding of the project's purpose.

" K D, Canada

Hello, I'm basically emailing because I admire how you have changed so many women's perspectives about what a vagina is "suppose" to look like, verses what a "real life" vagina is. I've always wondered what everyone else looked like, but I wasn't about to ask a friend to show me hers. So, this has really helped me feel good about mine. I know you hear this all the time because this art piece has, no doubt, gotten a lot of recognition. But I do hope that you can feel the love that these women have for you, because YOU are the person that could change our minds, and did. I'm amazed at how art can have such a great impact on people, and you really "hit the spot" on this topic. I don't even know if any of this is making sense, haha, (it made sense in my head) but I hope you can decipher it and take from it that you've changed my mind at least; and in that have achieved your goal. I may not know you or ever have met you, but if I ever find myself in England again I will certainly be emailing you to book an appointment for a vaginal cast. And if you tour to Canada make sure you make it to the far east, and I will see you here in Newfoundland.

" Kerry, Canada

I want to express my thanks for your exhibit "The Great Wall of Vagina". I have often found myself wondering about whether or not my 'bits' are attractive - or even acceptable. It is unfortunate that the world has become so judgmental about a person's looks but willingly overlooks character flaws if a person is deemed attractive/acceptable. I agree with your premise that it should not matter what a person's privates look like. Thank god we all look different. How boring would it be if we all looked the same - which it seems many in society believe we should move towards. It is not my intention to pay for the yacht of some plastic surgeon who is willing to cut my flesh to get to my money. My body and my money will remain intact. I think your work is inspiring. I wish you much success & happiness.

" Jo, United Kingdom

Hi Jamie, my flatmate went to see your exhibition particularly for the great wall of vagina on Friday and said it moved her to tears!! gave her my second copy of the signed book from you & she is thrilled.. she's told her friends to all go see it this week, hope it is going great for you!

" Monica, United States

You are such an amazing artist. The work that you have done is so meaningful and impactful. After being married for ten years my husband insulted my body during an argument in a way that literally crushed me. I thought I could never be with anyone else again. He was my lover, my friend, and family. I never could have imagined someone, much less the person whom I trusted most in the world, insulting me and hurting me so profoundly. I was left alone and most of all feeling abnormal and ugly. One night in my desperate search to find what a normal vagina looks like, I came across “The Great Wall of Vagina”. I can honestly say that this work of art was a step in the right direction. What a remarkable concept. Thank you and I hope to see it in person one day.

" Janice, United Kingdom

So very cool! So informative and down to earth.. for both the wall of vagina and the panels of penis! Brilliant And Fun!

" Nancy, United States

Jamie, thank you for your work - the Wall of Vagina. It is a great relief to see what other woman look like. Your work is monumental. Brilliant. Any chance you will have an exhibit here the US? You must be getting invitations? I live in Boston but would make the trip to NYC. I heard that you might be looking for models from around the world. I’d love it if you’d just collect MORE. The variety is so interesting. Please don’t stop. I hope you are making money at this. You should be! Let me know how I can help.

" Viktoria, United States

Thank you for presenting this piece of artwork. For many, many years I have felt exactly as you described..... like I was different.... I can see, without shame, that I am not! Thank you for being so bold as to produce such a piece... or pieces... I agree that the new trend for cosmetic surgery to create the "perfect" puss is absurd and I hope that your works of art deter women and help them to feel more comfortable with themselves. Again, thank you for bringing this conceptual piece of art to the public! I wish I was in the UK to come visit, and become one of your volunteers!

" Christine, United Kingdom

26. When I saw your beautiful work for the first time in a magazine at the hairdressers, it was embarrassing because I cried. I then went onto your web page and watched the various clips and did the virtual gallery. As soon as possible I will be coming to Brighton to see it in person. I am a 59 year old woman who has had four children and I have only ever seen my own vulva and my daughter’s vulvas. When I compared myself to media images of vulvas I always felt ugly. (My husband thought I was silly for thinking that). Your sculpture is liberating and wonderful. I have recommended it to my daughters and friends. I’ve never spoken of how I feel about my vulva to anyone except my husband (and now you). This was a great thing to do. I wish I had seen when I was reaching puberty. How reassuring it would have been! Turns out I pretty much look like everyone else more or less J Thank you so much.

" Kate, Australia

Jamie, I’m 17 and was really self-conscious about my 'lady parts'. I was already thinking about having surgery to 'fix' it. Seeing your sculpture totally changed my mind and now I feel 100 times better about myself! I just wanted to say that I’m really grateful for you work and think its a fantastic thing that you’ve done. Thank you so much! (for all the women out there)...

" Katreena, United States

I just wanted to write a quick thank you note for the Great Wall of Vagina. I saw it mentioned while watching a documentary on BBC America (I live in Las Vegas, NV), and looked it up online to be able to see more pictures, which my husband and I then looked at together. It's really made a huge difference in how I see my own genitals. It's a way to see a huge range without watching porn or going to a strip club (which I don't feel necessarily reflects reality in any case) which was the suggestion I'd heard before. Now every time an online friend mentions feeling self-conscious, I send her a link to your site. I think it's brilliant and beautiful, and it's helped me feel much better about myself. Thank you.

" Steve, United Kingdom

Jamie, your work was mentioned in the Journal of the Royal College of GPs - in case you did not know. Very interesting it is too. It would be very easy to overstate the importance of your efforts and get rather precious about it all - so I will try to avoid that. You are spot on when you say that women and men lack knowledge and women do worry. No doubt you will wish to avoid type-casting (if that is the mot juste) but you could go a lot farther with this and do a lot of good while you are about it. I thought of a Trajan column like structure for an alternative to the polyptych but that would be open to misrepresentation. Then I thought why not a 'Vault of Vulvas'? - a cave or arch structure lined with casts - thousands perhaps. There is an architectural term for such a structure - one that has the stylized form of a vulva - but it escapes me for the moment. You have combined representational art, education, social revolution and no little humour. Excellent.

" Lawrence, United States

I was fascinated by how your specific choice of media impacts the perception of the finished work - it is both very concrete in its precision, and very abstracted in that only a small part of any one subject is represented and the repetition results in a textural effect because the mind focuses on the grouping of tiles into frames and frames into an exhibit rather than any one tile itself. Thanks for your interesting exhibit.

" Naiomi, United Kingdom

Sorry maybe not the right email address to say, But absolutely amazing beautiful work! Ive always loved abstract and different art works and spend most my weekends in stately homes looking at castings of faces and so on, I don't know if it was done the same method then but really just wanted to say love what your doing puts a smile on my face well done.

" Pamella, Italy

Jamie, first, I would like to compliment you on your brilliant work of art....natural art: The Great Wall of Vagina. A lot of women are very self conscious of their genitalia, even to the point of surgical restructure. There is a wide array of diversity, and hopefully your art will help women to realize this.....there is no NORMAL....just UNIQUE! I was very impressed with your creation and the videos I saw....and the message coming from a male to a female....perfect! Dr. Ruth may have opened some doors, but your work of art as being far more effective. Ha! Revolutionary, you are! I wish you the best and many successes. I just think it is brilliant.....and can be a help to those with negative body image. In closing, I will say Thank you, are doing something great for a lot of women!

" Otto, United States

Mr. McCartney: Irregardless of one’s stance on the procedure of genital modification, I applaud your work and its value in making the subject less taboo. As a plastic surgeon who frequently performs the procedure, the public will benefit from both its aesthetic and educational qualities. The work fascinates me. As a technician, I am puzzled by the methods you use to create the models. Outstanding!

" Jasmine, Canada

"The ethical question is: How much are you playing on women's insecurities?" Dr. Iglesia said. "Women are getting very much duped into thinking there is a standard look for the vulva." This is why I appreciate The Great Wall of Vagina so much. It's tragic the number of women who are made to feel that there is something abnormal about their bodies. Thanks for your brilliant art! :)

" Kika, Brazil

Congratulations for your beautiful work and attitude! It really helped me to 'open my mind' and accept me as I am. I hope you can exhibit your work here in Brazil. Thank you very much.

" Laura, Argentina

I just read an article about your "Great Wall Of Vagina" and the idea is brilliant to say the least. Thank you, thank you and thank you for this, and for helping us women to get to know ourselves better and stop putting our bodies into dangerous procedures to seek a misconception of the word "perfection" coined by society. It helped me understand and love my body as it is. I am so happy to know the project is going so well, hope it can reach all the women in the world. Congratulations and, again, thank you very much for your art.

" Whitney, United States

Just stumbled across your site. Fucking great. It's so cool to be reminded that everyone is different and difference is awesome. Awesome like vaginas.

" Heather, United States

I never do things like this (messaging a total stranger) but I just stumbled upon a link posted on facebook about The Great Wall of Vagina, and I've spent the last 45 minutes or so watching all the videos on your website. Then I saw that you were here on fb, and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that I think you are brilliant! This is honestly something I've never thought about before, but now that I have seen all those casts, and the vast differences that exist from woman to woman, I really believe that you have done a great service to womankind. By showing us that each woman is so unique you really dispel the thought that we all need to look like what we see in images that have been photoshopped to look "perfect". Women can be so harsh in their opinions of their own bodies (as I'm sure you know) when they compare themselves to others, and I know that this beautiful work of art will help a lot of women in a very profound way! I'm a student Midwife, and if any women ever asks me if what she has looks "normal", I am going to send them straight to your website! Thank you. I really, truly, love what you have done here!

" Jodie, Australia

Hi Jamie, I'm a public health university student from Australia. I just wanted to say thank-you! Your Great Wall of Vagina piece is often bought up in our lectures and I love that you have created a public image of a REAL vagina. In Australia we have laws that says soft porn cant have much detail therefore they must all be touched up and neat. This is what curious girls and woman look at to see if they are 'normal'. Most people have no idea of these laws and decide they are ugly down there which plays on their self esteem and sometimes leads to drastic measures such as labiaplasty as you mentioned in your interviews. I think every woman needs to see this beautiful artwork. It is a stepping stone to a more accepting and open world.

" Jeremy, United States

I just saw the video of the wall of vagina. I think it was beautiful. Because of the adult industry and the media women have become so obsessed with being perfect. You show women they are all beautiful and still different. There is no "Perfect" women or man for that matter. Men are just as self conscious about size and shape. I live in the USA where the naked body is sinful and not to be viewed as something beautiful. I applaud your vision and wish you the best of luck.

" Anna, France

Good evening, I’m a French dermatologist and I’m particularly interested in vulvar pathology. I’m working in European group of study for vulvar disease. I’m fascinated by your work, which is unique, helpful, natural, and very clever. I love your idea that, if we show to the women how nature expresses itself in various way, we can make them understand that her genitals are not so abnormal!!! Thank you for that, and hope you will find your models☺ and continue your work.

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