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Terms & Conditions

These statements define the terms and conditions under which you agree to participate. That agreement is with JAMIE MCCARTNEY representing McCartney Arts Ltd.


  1. Definitions

“MODEL.” The person whose body parts are used to create a cast, an artwork or a photograph. “I”, “me” and “my” refer to the model as appropriate.

“ARTIST” refers to the person who has created the image, cast or photograph. “I”, “me” and “my” refer to the artist as appropriate.

“CAST” describes a plaster, cement or similar material that has been placed, while fluid, into a mould and allowed to harden to form a copy of the model’s body. It is inferred that we refer to a photograph of the cast.

“ARTWORK” describes any 2 or 3 dimensional work that you consider to be your art. It is inferred that we refer to a photograph of the artwork.

“PHOTOGRAPH” describes a image made of the MODEL, CAST or ARTWORK using a camera of some form.


  1. Contract

MODEL and/or ARTIST agree that no financial compensation is due for their participation in these galleries either now or in perpetuity. ARTIST retains copyright to their work and releases usage under the terms of this agreement.


  1. Agreement

MODEL and/or ARTIST agree to the following as conditions:


I grant to JAMIE MCCARTNEY the absolute right and permission to use the photograph taken of or by me, or the cast made from or by me or the artwork made of or by me. This permission includes, without limitation:

(a) Publish in whole, or part, original or modified photographs of the image, form and likeness of me or made by me on his websites, social media, printed materials or any media now existing or yet to be invented.

(b) ARTIST may credit themselves at the time of upload to be published alongside the work. Changes to this credit may be made upon request. Where works may be used on social media etc to promote these pages, credit may have to be waived for editorial purposes.

(c) ARTIST may request their work be removed from the site in the future.


  1. Release of Liability

By uploading an image I hereby release and discharge JAMIE MCCARTNEY, his heirs, executors, assigns and any designee (including any agency, client, broadcaster, periodical, art dealer or gallery or other distributor of media of any kind) from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of casts, photographs, artworks or works derived from casts or photographs or artworks, including but not limited to any claims for copyright infringement, deformation or invasion of privacy or distribution of identifiable data either intentional or unintentional.


JAMIE MCCARTNEY Address: Unit 6 Hove Enterprise Centre, Basin Rd North, BN41 1UY ENGLAND


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