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Passion for Freedom

Mall Gallery - London

September 21-26 2015

London celebrates the 7th Annual Passion For Freedom Art Festival

Crowds at The Great Wall of Vagina at Passion for Freedom 2015 launch

Nine months on from the tragic shootings at Charlie Hebdo, the art community come together in London to celebrate freedom.

Organisers reflect on a difficult year for free speech and art which has seen an additional 14 journalists and bloggers killed on top of the 12 Paris murders.

12 films, 6 books and 6 journalists to be featured along with over 75 artworks from all over the world.

The globally renowned Passion For Freedom art festival opened in London on Monday 21st September at its new home in the Mall Galleries. The exhibition showcased uncensored art from the UK, Europe and around the world which aims to promote human rights, highlight injustice and celebrate artistic freedom of expression.

On show with The Great Wall of Vagina was Peace Machine Number 2 Jamie’s artwork to raise money for refugees from the war in Ukraine.


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The Great Wall of Vagina typifies the sincerity Jamie brings to his socio-political artworks but also the humour he uses to get past people’s natural reservations to engage with tricky or embarrassing subjects. Comprising plaster casts of 400 women’s vaginas, this 8m long wall sculpture is a direct challenge to the cosmetic surgery industry and to labiaplasty in particular. It demonstrates and celebrates the diversity of this part of the body which is the source of many of our worst insults. Knowledge about our bodies leads to understanding and respecting them. Freedom from anxiety, about vaginas and our whole bodies, is the goal.

Passion for Freedom


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