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Internal Affairs #1


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Internal cast of a vagina and vulva in glass

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Material: lead crystal glass

Size cm: 13 h x 9 w x 13 d  (inches:  5 h x 3.5 w x 5 d )

Edition: 12
When six of the series are sold, the price then increases after each sale.


The second in the first series of  ‘Internal Affairs’ but known as #1 as the original is called #0.  They are individually cast in lead crystal glass and hand signed and numbered by the artist.

These incredible casts were taken (following medical advice) from the inside of the vagina, displaying all the mysteries within. The process to create a continuous cast from inside to outside is very challenging and has never been accomplished before. This unique artwork is absolutely cutting edge, going where no artist has dared to go before and the results are stunning. From the polished glass front face you see the details of the vulva, labia, clitoris etc and can actually peer inside to the acid-polished glass interior vagina. From the reverse you can see all the anatomical details normally hidden from view. The depression on the cervix, the location of the G-spot, the folds of the skin and entrances to the vagina and the urethra etc.

There are now 5 casts in this first series which can be purchased individually or as a set. Please ask about discounts for multiple orders. There is also a limited edition photographic print of the whole of series 1.